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I first worked as a project manager for IBM Australia, where in-house training was provided. IBM has its own world-class methodology, which I have adapted and adopted. I continued project management for IBM in its Asia Pacific Parts Logistics group where I managed several multi-million dollar projects, as well as one outsourcing project where IBM's "spare parts" were valued at around A$1 billion.

My projects have always been very successful and run smoothly. I'm very risk adverse, and plan for everything!! I worked with IBM Latin America, North America and Europe to research "Lessons Learnt" and I ensure I don't repeat those very costly mistakes.

After IBM, I have managed several large and critical projects, all very successfully. 

Would you like my help? There isn't anything I don't know when it comes to running a successful project. Don't procrastinate, contact me now to find out how I can help you manage risk and help your project succeed. 

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Maryanne Fraser



Virtual Business Support

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

ABN: 73 092 019 268

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