I'll create 3 versions of the image you need. All 3 are included in the price with one revision.


1. Provide a few lines of text that shout out what your message is about.

2. Provide information about the style

  • Professional
  • Trendy / Hipster
  • Peaceful
  • etc

3. Your Logo is optional.

4. You may provide images but otherwise I'll find them for you - just tell me what you'd like.

5. The image size in pixels, and whether it's landscape, portrait, or square.

6. Your brand / comany colour pallet (optional)


That's it!


You're welcome to email me any information to be included at hello@delegatenow.com.au. 

Turnaround time is 1 day (sometimes 1 hour).


Social Media Images - Set of 3

$60.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
Video Conference?
  • No returns on this item.  The price includes 1 revision.

  • Additional Work

    Any additional work may be requested via email to hello@delegatenow.com.au.  


    Work is charged at my hourly rate of $75 per hour.  Time is accurately tracked to the second using time tracking software "TopTracker".

    You're welcome to create your free account today, invite me to your "project" using hello@delegatenow.com.au, and you can track my work. You can select how often screen shots are taken, and whether or not to track keystrokes and mouse clicks. It's an accurate way to ensure you're being correctly charged. 

    Would you like to Zoom?

    Would you like to collaborate on this task together via Zoom? Get your free account here. We can have a video conference, share our screens and work on this task together.

    Schedule Time

    Feel free to schedule time in my calendar here

Let's do this!

Maryanne Fraser



Virtual Business Support

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

ABN: 73 092 019 268

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