Is Facebook the best place to advertise?

I’ve been to a few seminars this year where top notch marketing people have been speaking. One thing they all had in common was the notion that Facebook is THE place to be!

My husband isn’t on Facebook, so if he was a #businessman (and not an employee) he’d be in trouble. He thinks it is all holiday photos and gossip. If that’s what you think then think again!

Facebook started off as a college networking site. Some people say it is now the most epic collection of meta data on people in the world (other than government surveillance). It holds more information about people than you can imagine! It knows what people want to do before they do! They mine the data and sell that information in the form of paid advertising.

Now, I’m not a Facebook marketer, but if you advertise on Facebook, you need a Facebook Ads Ninja! The magic happens in the “#remarketing”. The first thing you need to do in to install a Facebook #pixel on your website. Then, with the assistance of a Facebook marketing ninja, you place an advertisement (a video longer than 30 seconds has valuable advantages), and from there you can build “look alike audiences”, and “#remarket” to people who interact with your ad or visit your website. Your ROI on marketing doubles if you "remarket" so, you'd be mad if you didn't get all over this!

I’m not a marketing ninja (yet!), but I wanted to bring your attention to the fact that Facebook needs to be in your marketing strategy! Guess what? Your competitors are already on Facebook! As a test, go to Facebook and do a search for your top competitor. Do they come up? What can you learn from this?

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