How Microsoft Tricked Me!

It all started when I decided to list my business in Bing. Sounds fair enough right?

Now I've received an email from Microsoft which states:

Wonderful! I think I'll take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy $100 free advertising on Bing. I've been looking into Google and Facebook, so why not? Sound easy right?

I click on the orange button, and I'm taken to the sign-up page. I sign up, and create my account. I enter all my personal information which is needed. I then start to create my ad. At the last step, I'm asked for the "Promotion Code". Oh, I check my email - I don't have one.

There's a catch!

After looking around the account and the fine print, I discover that I need to add my credit card details in order to be eligible for the $100 Coupon Code. What!? I'm not entirely happy about giving my credit card details right off the bat. But, I enter the details anyway, now excited I can place my ad, and receive $100 free advertising. Easy right?

Oh, there's another catch!

Now, I have to spend $25 in order to be eligible to use the $100 free coupon code.

Well, that's annoying! I feel like I've been conned. From the first email, there wasn't any information about having to provide all of my personal information, plus a credit card, plus spend any money.

So, I'm annoyed.

I decide to delete the account.

But, there's a catch!

I follow the online help to delete my account - only, it's still there! It's marked as "inactive", however, ALL my personal information, and credit card details are still there! It seems there is no way for me to delete my account.

That's annoying!

So, now I have to contact online support to request that my account be deleted. They provide me with the information I already read and followed. I point out I've done that and my information is still all there. After some time, they said they could delete my credit card details. But, I insisted I wanted the whole record gone. Finally they said they could process that request, but it would take 8 days to action.

That's annoying!

Well, I'm not happy about the marketing tricks some companies use to gather our valuable information and the degree of difficulty of managing and deleting one's data.

What stories can you tell? Please share your annoying stories to save us all the hassle.

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