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I first worked in Outsourcing as a project manager for IBM Asia Pacific Parts Logistics group where I managed several multi-million dollar projects, as well as one outsourcing project where IBM's "parts" were valued at around A$1 billion. This project was very high risk. It involved outsourcing a technical function (parts logistics analytics) from 16 Asian countries to India. If the transfer of processes was not done well, mistakes could literally cost IBM millions of dollars per month.

The best part of this project was working with the 16 countries, learning their cultures and communication styles.  I particularly enjoy working with Asian countries. This project went off without a hitch.. that is to say, I had put in place rigorous Risk and Issues Management processes; so even if something didn’t go to plan, it didn’t impact the project at all. In the end, the project was a massive success and my proudest achievement.

I have worked on other outsourcing projects while consulting at SMS Management & Consulting including BHP.

Along similar lines, I’ve worked on Acquisitions and Divestments too in the Mining Sector, as well as Procurement / Tenders etc. 

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