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If you have a product or service that would be of interest to my clients (and not conflict with my services), then I'd be happy to exchange articles with you!!  

We'd do this for each other. We'd share each others article on our blog, email newsletter, Facebook Page, Linkedin - and the article has a link back to our own website.

We mutually benefit from:

1. the SEO having more links pointing back to our website;

2. posting relevant and interesting content for our clients;

3. hopefully getting more business.

NOTE: once I post a link (for example) an app developer, I won't post another link for the same line of business - I'll just post one per service/product type.

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My Article

Did you know you can hire an online personal assistant to get your work done?

That's right! Australia is catching up with the UK and USA by discovering that there are highly educated and experienced freelancers who work in the cloud, and provide top quality business support services!

Businesses can hire these "virtual assistants" ("VA") and delegate a vast range of tasks to them.  It can be easy to complex. Some VAs can manage your email and calendar, make appoints and so forth. While Delegate Now provides higher level services to really help you leapfrog your competitors.  

If you need help with email campaigns, newsletters or writing winning proposals for example, Delegate Now would be the right place to go for world class assistance. Who wouldn't benefit from having an expert on tap for that right?  

So, next time you need a hand with anything in your business consider asking Delegate Now for a helping hand.

Visit now!

Author: Maryanne Fraser, Delegate Now.

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