Admin Support

If it's on a  computer, I can do it for you, no matter what it is.


I can help with common office tasks such as:

  • managing your email

  • managing your calendar

  • calling your customers for you

  • designing and ordering business cards and stationery

  • invoicing your customers and following up late payers

  • creating newsletters and managing your mail-outs

  • organising functions

  • booking travel

  • buying gifts

  • creating social media images and videos and posting them

  • creating brochures

  • creating document templates

  • manage your CRM

  • documenting and automating processes

and the list can go on forever. Whatever you need, just let me know and I'll get it done!

Let's do this!

Maryanne Fraser



Virtual Business Support

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

ABN: 73 092 019 268

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