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Hi, and it's great to meet you! I look forward to chatting with you.

Here's my story, and how I became "DelegateNow".

I’ve worked for some of Australia’s largest companies, such as IBM, Australia Post, Insurance Australia Group and Telstra. I’ve also worked for prestigious consulting firm SMS Management & Technology.

Prior to this, I lived and worked in Perth, where I worked in the stockbroking industry, and then I moved to working for WMC Resources, in the International Petroleum division.

I “grew up” in the corporate world, especially earning most of my stripes and experience at IBM Australia and IBM Asia Pacific. You can see in my CV what I did there.. but I had several fantastic roles from project office, to project management. I managed a one billion dollar outsourcing project across Asia Pacific, which went off perfectly without a hitch. I also managed other multi-million dollar projects, also to perfection.

After many years at IBM, I decided to leave as my career probably meant I needed to relocate to either Singapore or the Netherlands. I thought I’d take my wisdom with me and take up consulting. I joined then prestigious consulting firm SMS Management & Technology as a consultant. I worked on large projects, as well as working on tender responses amongst other things. However, the work wasn’t challenging enough, so I moved on to explore other challenges.

Other employers were more of the same to be honest... just not challenging enough. I worked at Insurance Australia Group where they were constantly structurally changing. After three or four waves of redundancy, my role was made redundant.

I took up the challenge at Telstra to build a service delivery model for billion dollar outsourcing deals. I was thrilled I could finally get the challenge I was missing in other roles since IBM. I had already lived and breathed everything that needed to be done, so I knew exactly what to do. I was excited! I was a little surprised when they told me I had no budget and no team, but as I like a challenge and I’m a problem-solver, I spent an hour with every relevant stakeholder - over the first month of my engagement - to engage and mobilise a huge team. In an organisation that isn’t known for the best culture, I was happy I was able to mobilise directors to technicians.. everybody willing and able to work on my project. Win! At the end of the day, I didn’t have the support from the most important stakeholder, so I decided to leave, very disappointed I wasn’t able to win the last and vital person. What a shame!

Not to be discouraged, I took a role at Australia Post in corporate. I achieved some great things there, but for a second time I was caught up in a re-structure and my role was made redundant (times were hard back then, and non-essential roles were being axed).

I decided to have a career break, and do what I love the most... I have horses that I compete in show jumping... and that’s what I’ve mostly been doing for the past decade... along with working at home providing top quality corporate and business support. I love the flexibility of working any hours I like from my home office. I have the work/life balance where I can ride my horses in the morning, and work in the afternoon and into the evening. I’ve decided THIS is where my future is!!

I’m loving it!

Somehow, amongst all that work, I studied part-time for 12 years. The largest part was my Bachelor of Computing at Monash University, Caulfield. I love to learn, and I'm always at it, both formally and through entrepreneurial pursuits. 

It's your turn

Now you know all about me, I'd love to hear about you and your business, and the challenges you're facing. 

Contact me and we'll discuss how I can best help you.

Let's do this!

Maryanne Fraser



Virtual Business Support

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

ABN: 73 092 019 268

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